We have quantified 40 years of weather for your area.

We call it Fundamental Climate. Find out why it is important for you and how you can access it.

Fundamental climate tells you:

  • What is the maximum and minimum consumption and production for your area?
  • Find the true spread in your fundamentals, factoring in the interactions between weather-driven variables
  • Design your seasonal normals: Pick and choose which weather years to include in your seasonal normals
  • We have simulated the spread in inflow and hydrological balance 

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History is important.

Delve into the fundamentals

In this webinar recording, Energy Quantified's Hugo Birkelund demonstrates how to get the data for your area and why it is important.  He also shows you how to easily grab the data via Excel from the fields attached below.

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  • True spreads

  • Designed normals
True Spreads
LWEQ2 Excel file number 1

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