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Register for webinar: Wed. 24 Feb. 14-15 CET

We have quantified 40 weather years for you. In this 1-hour webinar, using real-life examples, we demonstrate how to gain an edge using EQ’s feed of fundamental climate.

    • What is the maximum and minimum consumption and production for your area?
    • Find the true spread in your fundamentals, factoring in the interactions between weather-driven variables.
    • Design your seasonal normals: Pick and choose which weather years to include in your seasonal normals.
    • We have also simulated the spread in inflow and hydrological balance for the coming spring and summer seasons. The webinar will present the results for these 4 areas: Nord Pool , the Alps, the Iberian Peninsula, and some SEE countries.
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Hugo Birkelund. Co-founder EQ

Eylert Ellefsen Senior market expert

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Register for webinar: Wed. 24 Feb. 14-15 CET

Future webinars

This webinar is the second of many "Live with EQ" - sessions designed for power market professionals relying on data in their daily work. EQ's webinars share useful features and tips on how to tap into EQ's time- and cost-saving infrastructure for power data.

Another webinar due in March/April

REMIT Calculator

What is the price effect of a REMIT message?
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Learn how to calculate the effect of a REMIT message in your area.
Stay in compliance with REMIT rules and develop your teams understanding of the current market situation. Use EQ's simulator to calculate the remit effect in terms of €/MWh. EQ provides the necessary simulations and share the method with you.