SMHI Webinar Video Library 

November 19 - December 10, 2021

This is a collection of recorded webinars designed to refresh your knowledge of weather and forecasts.  We thank the talented meteorologists at SMHI for a successful collaboration!


What is weather and how does it work?

Session 1 presented by Hanna Rönnberg - Meteorologist for SMHI, specializing in our climate system and mitigation of climate change. 

Weather models, predicting our future on a daily basis, but how?

Session 2 presented by Fredrik Cronvall - Meteorologist for SMHI specializing in monthly and seasonal forecasts, he works with extreme weather alerts and related products. 

Teleconnections, the heavyweights that control our weather

Session 3 presented by Bromwel Apondi - Meteorologist at SMHI studying the impacts of our changing climate focusing on extreme weather events.

When to rely on weather models and when not to - alternatives and uncertainties

Friday, 10 December at 11:00 - 11:15

Session 4 presented by Torbjörn Simann - Meteorologist at SMHI specializing in medium to extended-range forecasts and develops special tools for these forecasts.

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